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Dr. Subraya Bhat

Former Secretary &
Technical Co-ordinator

Dr. Subraya Bhat was a prolific theatre personality, actor, writer, director and ‘Method-Drama Specialist’. A student of Prof. Ranganath Bharadwaj, he held the position of Secretary and Technical Co-ordinator at Karnataka Haridasa Scientific Research Centre and was the Theatre Faculty at The Structural School of Fine Arts. He specialized in the ‘Structural Method’ under his Guru’s guidanceand continued schooling young students through his theatre activities and pedagogy. He has published several of his works in the past two decades and has earned several awards and titles such as ‘Kala Dhureena’, ‘Abhinaya Chatura’, ‘Ranga Kala Pratibha Praveena’. He was awarded the PhD degree posthumously for his work about the Elements and references of Theatre in Haridasa literature in 2018.


As the principal actor in all of Prof. Bharadwaj’s productions, performing over 15 plays in Kannada and English, with multiple shows across the country for over four decades, their relationship spanning for the last fifty years have created some phenomenal, trail-blazing contributions to Indian theatre, garnering rave reviews for the unique, path- breaking concepts and directorial ventures of Prof. Bharadwaj and the acting prowess of Mr. Bhat.

A gold medallist Diploma holder in Drama from Rangabhoomi, Mumbai, he is the first one-man performing artist of the Kannada stage. He has performed three hour one-man shows in Kannada and Hindi, and has performed several plays in theatre companies such as IPTA and INT, performing in over a 100 plays with many distinguished artists. He was a child artist of All India Radio, Dharwad, and has performed in record number of AIR plays. He is also the first child artist of Gilivindu programme aired by Dharwad AIR for children. He was awarded diploma for art from Centropa Films, Poland.

Having conducted over 1000 workshops across the country and abroad - the most recent being his workshop sessions in the United States in 2017; he was especially credited for conducting impactful workshops for differently-abled children, along with his work with different educational institutions-schools, colleges and universities, corporations, NGOs and Government organisations. He has conducted hundreds of free Kannada speaking workshops and was adored by children for the vibrant summer and Dasara workshops he has organised at SSFA for the last 27 years. His relationship with the world of Indian classical dances is unique. Under the aegis of The Structural School of Fine Arts, Sri. Subraya Bhat has been instrumental in organising The Indian Classical Arts Festival, Children’s Classical Dance Festival and ‘TarangaRanga’ monthly concert series. Under the direction of Prof. Bharadwaj, he has been the key organiser of hundreds of recitals, events and festivals including ‘Vijnana Vyjayanti’- a three day National level literary and cultural festival, for over 40 years. He has graced several Rangapravesha-s and concerts as the Guest of honour, has rendered his talent as the master of ceremony and presented papers in many platforms, sharing a warm
friendship with eminent Gurus, dancers and musicians.

Recently his Kannada play ‘Ide ennuvudakkide’ was translated to Marathi as ‘Ahe manun Ahe’ and was released in Mumbai by popular Marathi actor, Prashant Damle. He was the organiser of the Akhila Bharata Gandharva Mahamandali examinations at SSFA, Vijayanagar, Bangalore

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