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ine arts is a form of expression that allows artists to communicate their ideas, emotions, and experiences through various mediums. It has played a significant role in human history and is often used to reflect the cultural, social, and political values of a particular society or era. Fine arts not only provide an outlet for artistic expression but also contribute to the economy by creating jobs in various fields such as art education, art curation, and art restoration. It is a vital part of human culture and enriches the lives of individuals and communities by bringing beauty and inspiration into the world.


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The drawing & painting department is headed by Nivedita Dattatri who has had in-depth teaching experience in the field of arts & crafts since 1987. She has trained children of all age groups with different styles and exposed them to various kinds of art forms from basics of drawing technique to pencil shadings, portraits, acrylic work, oil painting, glass painting, mandala art and so on.

Our students have successfully been part of various Art exhibitions and competitions in the city and are also trained to take up graded exams by the Karnataka Govt.

We also have faculty who are experienced in teaching and have conducted classes on Digital Art, Calligraphy & Handwriting.

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