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here are several classical dance styles that have evolved over the centuries, including

Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Odissi, and Mohiniyattam

Each style has its own unique repertoire, costumes, and music, and is typically performed in temples, courts, and other traditional settings.In addition to classical dance, there are also several folk and contemporary dance forms that are popular in India, making it a vibrant and dynamic dance culture.




The Bharatanatyam department at The Structural School of Fine Arts is headed by Smt. Akshara Bharadwaj. With over 100 students pursuing the art form in different capacities and batches, they perform solo recitals and group productions at prestigious platforms and festivals in and outside the state. The students are exposed to monthly dance recitals and talks by Professional dancers not just in Bharatanatyam, but other forms of dance as well. They are meritorious in Karnataka Secondary Board Examinations, as well as in Akhila Bharatiya Gandharva Mahamandali

Our students are encouraged  to choreograph, learn music, yoga and allied theory & treatises as part of their curriculum.Our Bharatanatya classes are five-fold, with focus on:


  1. Dance - Systematic training in Bharatanatya Nritta & Abhinaya.

  2. Sastra - Aspects from the treatises used in dance.

  3. Music - Basic understanding of Carnatic Music for Dance.

  4. Yoga - Strength & Flexibility training. 

  5. Rhythm - Understanding of Tala and Laya, culminating with  the performance  of the Nattuvanga.

The senior students are guided and encouraged to further their theoretical learning of the Shastras and Art History, by way of guest lectures, workshops and research opportunities, with Scholars.

The Yoga training for dancers is undertaken by Smt. Akshara Bharadwaj’s Senior student, Smt. Sinchana Pandit. Sinchana is a certified yoga trainer from an internationally recognised institute 'Aayana Yoga academy', and is a Software Engineer by profession with a bachelor's degree in engineering. What started as a cross training exercise for Bharatanatyam - her first interest, fueled her fascination of working with body, mind and breath; steering her into becoming a certified Yoga trainer. She believes that Yoga is the perfect way to identify the innate abilities of the body and mind, be comfortable with oneself and do wonders with the same.


The Structural School of Fine Arts’ Kathak department includes Smt. Lakshmi G, a disciple of Dr. Maya Rao and Ms. Shrushti Mehta, disciple of Shri Sharat R. Prabhath. With a Vidwath in Kathak from KSEEB Smt. Lakshmi is an examiner for KSEEB and Akhila Bharatiya Gandarva Maha Vidyalaya Kathak exams. She is the Director of Praroha Training and Performing Arts Centre, apart from her association with SSFA. Students are taught the elegant art of storytelling through dance and are trained through all the levels of Kathak from Prarambhik to Alankar.


Shrushti Mehta has been training in Kathak for almost a decade. Currently, she trains in both Jaipur and Lucknow gharanas, at the Prabhath Academy of Dance. Shrushti conducts classes for all age groups. She finds teaching Kathak very enjoyable and fulfilling. As an appreciator of this classical form, she encourages one and all to experience kathak at least once in their lifetime. As a student, she continues to explore the art form and has attended various workshops by eminent artists such as Pt. Rajendra Gangani, Smt. Vidha lal, Smt. Shama Bhate, Smt. Durga Arya, Smt. Rupanshi from Kadamb and Shri Puru Dhadheech ji. Shrushti also holds a degree in law and is a part of the legal team for a leading IT company.

Our students perform regularly in dance recitals held by our institute. They are also meritorious in the Akhila Bharatiya Gandharva Examinations.


Various dance faculty at SSFA, who are proficient in multiple dance forms, train our students in Indian Folk, Semi-classical, Bollywood, Contemporary and Western dance styles, offering a comprehensive range of dance education reflecting diverse cultural and artistic expressions. Our students participate in varied dance recitals and contests across the state. 


Our faculty could also train you on a short-term basis to prepare you with tailor-made choreographies for upcoming performances, competitions or cultural events.

Young Achievers in Dance

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