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Teaching Methodology

Prof. Bharadwaj viewed a piece of art or any phenomena for that matter, as an integrated combination of multiple elements in a definite proportion of scale. In simple terms, he didn't see Theatre or Art as a bowl of dry fruit, where almonds or cashews or walnuts could be isolated from the mix; but as honey, where nectars of various flowers were combined to form it, and each of those nectars cannot be isolated from the final creation. That's what makes nectars from various regions so unique in colour and flavours. Through close observation, this is a property we see in all of creation, from a drop of water to the infinite universe.

It is the varied sources or ideas and the blend and proportions of different elements of art forms that create unique and personal works of art. 

As an educationist, Prof. Bharadwaj naturally evolved a pedagogic presentation of Theatre arts in a systematic process. He built a consistent framework through various Theatre workshops, while his students and admirers experimented the same with other art forms

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The theory had to now be validated with a model and this led to Prof. Bharadwaj writing and staging over 20 plays along this approach. Many workshops were conducted along this line, establishing, what may be called, a new gharana in Theatre or Theatre Methodology. 

Several Theatre experiments conducted in Bangalore and Mumbai, combined tradition and modernity in terms of a common thread. He presented Indian philosophical ideas in modern presentations through logical precision in presenting nuanced thoughts artistically.

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