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Our Team


Shobha Rajesh


If 'soft-spoken' has a form, we'd call it Shobha ma'am.


A dedicated officer at our Institute, a patient and nurturing friend to our students and a helping hand, who is readily present for all our faculty and staff; Smt. Shobha Rajesh is the most integral part of our family. A confidante to students & parents, she handles our school enquiries, Admissions, enrolments, counselling, student- teacher relations, class schedules, events, exams and much more.


Shobha ma'am has been our assistant Pre school faculty for many years now and took on our school admin responsibilities during the very challenging times of the CoVid pandemic. She has been instrumental in transitioning our classes from offline to online mode and back to live classes at our campus. She has been seamlessly coping with, while being a step ahead of the hectic and busy schedules of our school. She is so perceptive, intuitive, hard working & self-motivated, that we ask ourselves whether they make them like her anymore!

Mrs. Shashikala

She can set up our mic systems, she can bury through old files, she is first to know all our school & personal schedules, with her ace curiosity- she is up-to-date with all the gossip and heck! She can find anything at the school, cuz if anyone is looking for any misplaced item, "Shashi aunty" is who is called out! She knows the in and outs of every corner, every old cupboard and remembers every event ever.


One of the oldest staff members with nearly two decades of service to our organisation, Ms. Shashikala is a simple, punctual, sincere and dedicated human being and is surely the jack of all our trades! She is ever-smiling, never-tired and always up for more; always on the ground, standing. She can be banked on for early morning rehearsals or late nights after a program. She does the work and knows very well how to get done too.


Her inner strength with external resilience inspires us all.


Mrs. Meenakshi

Let's introduce you to our 'boss lady', the most savage - Meenakshi aunty.


Mrs. Meenakshi has been in our family for close to 15 years. With her fine sense of aesthetics and acumen in tailoring, she handles our inventory of costumes, props and instruments. A lot of our dance students are dependent on her for braiding their plaits, fixing their sarees, putting their alta and everything in between. She is also our go-to person for event decorations.


She is also loved by our pre-kg and day-care students. Not only does she get the students decked up on their performance days, she is their best friend everyday- making sure all of them have their breakfast, snacks and are fully washed up and ready for playtime.


"Meenamma", as she is dearly called by a lot of students, can devour you with her words that are sassy, she is unapologetically bossy and for lack of another rhyming word, very massy !

Mr. Bhaskar HM 


With 35 years of experience with the Syndicate Bank in various managerial roles, Mr. Bhaskar H.M has been instrumental in giving our 35 year old accounting system a much needed facelift. Going from thick ledgers to slick softwares, from rows of files to simple spreadsheets, strictly cash payments to digital transactions; he's holding the team's hand towards the institute's journey from being a boomer to becoming 'Z'.


A painter and a poet himself, his sensibility to empathise with an artist, connects his spirit to everyone. His appreciation towards all the artists at school; be it through encouraging words or through profound gestures of presenting his art; mean a lot to us all.


He is always ready to get on the ground and get moving with a positive and progressive attitude. All we have to say is "May the uncle jokes always flow!"

rough lookbook for social media (1).jpg

Mr. Samarth BK 


Samarth BK is the youngest member of our team. He heads our Digital Content team and is the Executive Producer for our video Productions. With all his other freelance work, he is a cinephile and an ardent film student, first.


With a Visual Media and Communication degree from St. Joseph's College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Samarth has written and directed multiple short films and is in a deeper pursuit of cinema. He works as an Associate Director in Feature films and is himself a filmmaker with various writing credits.


His insights and execution of ideas is what you see in all our digital content- our films, social media, website and any other web presence-even this post.


With experience as an amateur podcaster, publishing ideas, lots and lots of opinions on cinema, filmmaking, pop-culture, Bangalore and even a street brawl or two, you'll probably never have a boring conversation with him.

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