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ur Theatre Arts department has a legacy of over 50 years,  making it older than our Institute itself. It was, in fact, Prof. Bharadwaj’s stage activities that marked the inception of The Structural School of Fine Arts as a centre for the allied arts for Theatre that could aid an impactful performance experience. 


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We have been offering Educational Theatre programs to students from various schools and colleges. Our executive workshops have been offered to companies such as BHEL, BEL, Cypress Semiconductors on multiple occasions. We have offered Theatre Therapy workshops to differently abled children and students. Prof. Bharadwaj has guided the Dept. of Performing Arts at Christ University to formulate the Theatre Curriculum there.  

Our Theatre productions have travelled across the country and some parts of the world, with raving reviews by critics, connoisseurs and audiences everywhere. Prof. Bharadwaj too, has travelled across the world, including the Stanislavski’s Moscow Art Theatre in Russia and the Drama Department of University of Saskatoon in Canada.

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